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Review Monitoring Tool for Amazon Sellers

Monitor your Amazon Product ASIN's and get notifications when new reviews are published for your products


What issues do your customers have with your products?

By analyzing your review data, you can optimize your sales and production process to improve your customer satisfaction.


Are your customers happy with the quality of products you sell?

Did your latest batch of products slip through your QC checks? Find out as soon as it happens.


Get informed with product review alerts when new reviews appear online.

Don't find out after weeks that a logistics mistake had a nagative impact on the products you sell. Make sure you can take action by correcting your mistakes as soon as customers mention it.

Paul Schoenmakers

As I was looking for a tool to monitor new customer reviews for the products we sell on Amazon, I couldn't find the perfect tool I had in mind. So I build it myself.

Paul Schoenmakers - ReviewMonitoringTool.com

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