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ReviewMonitoringTool.com is built by Paul Schoenmakers.

  • Paul Schoenmakers
    Owner Jibr GmbH

    First computer he used was a P2000. Started with 'programming' by copying code from a textbook into Microsoft BASIC on a MSX-2 around 1987. In 1996 he really learned to program in Turbo Pascal on a PC with an i386 microprocessor and build his first website in HTML the same year. Switched from windows based systems to Apple computers in 2000.

    Paul's GitHub commits last 12 months:

    Paul started working on ReviewMonitoringTool.com as the ability to keep an eye on Amazon product reviews was important for another company he is involved with. Since 2019 this tool has been in use as an internal tool. But now it's also available as a standalone service for all Amazon Sellers.